“We dealt with four different real estate agents and Karla was the last and by far the most competent, knowledgeable and willing to help us of all of them. She went on and beyond to help us find our dream home. She was always very patient with us not only with the search but also educating us about the process. Karla became not only the best Realtor we had worked with, but also a friend and some one we trust completely. I have no doubts that she will be of much help to anyone else just as she was to us due to her dedication and passion to her job.” Tony and Yessica Grandelli

“Homebuying with Karla was a gratifying experience. A sensitive listener to our needs, Karla gave us the needed time to make informed decisions about what we were making an offer for. She coached us in the jungle of paperwork with grace and great availability. Her remarkable diplomatic skills and charm diffused the anxiety of buying a home in the Bay Area.” Pamela Wain and Pierluigi Serraino

“It is truly a pleasure working with someone so committed to my success!” J. Hunter

“Karla, I’m so grateful to you for your great work in helping sell my home, it went incredibly smoothly and quickly – you were both terrific. And all the work you did moving my stuff to the garage so the stagers could come in. Keep thinking about the decorating job that they did in the staging – especially the master bedroom – amazing and electrifying at the same time. Obviously they knew what they were doing. Fondly,” Joan Upshaw

“We’ve given your name and numbers to a couple of folks who are looking to buy. Things at the house are good – new window treatments, paint, cleared the trees in the backyard, etc. Lots of work, but a labor of love! We are very grateful to you and Karla for making this happen.” Denise and Rene Abidi

“Karla saved me a bunch of money. Hey, how do you think I bought that BMW…” Rick Castro

“Being first time home buyers in the Bay Area, we were a bit apprehensive about actually shelling out half-a-million dollars for a tear down. But after meeting our Realtor Karla Stevens, she kept our minds at ease and found us a hidden jewel in the East Bay that was anything but a tear down- and in our price range. In fact the home had all the amenities we wanted and more for a GREAT price. With the help of Karla and her partner Jim Silver we were able to secure the perfect loan and finally purchase our first home together- and we couldn’t be happier. Karla made the whole buying process so easy from start to finish, and with her hands on personal approach with the sellers, our bid was accepted within 24 hours! Without the help of Karla and Jim our Bay Area home dreams would never have been met and we would be living in Seattle right now- thanks so much Karla for keeping our spirits up until we found our perfect home- and we truly did find the perfect home thanks to you! I’ll be recommending you to all my family and friends.” Melanie Vowles and Kurt Jerdon

“Karla is a strong, elegant professional that is on my side. She gives more than she asks in return which is a rare quality in this industry and market.” Paul Douglas

“Karla is always available to help and advise me. I can count on her professionalism and honesty in all situations.” Frank Little

“……. and as an added bonus we get to work with Karla, who takes good care of us.” Marion Sutter

“… she is passionate about her work, she believes in what she is doing and her enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll be glad you gave her a chance.” Christine and Jim Simon

“Allowing Karla to do a comparative analysis and then following her advise …. was one of my better decisions. Rick Williams

“…….. I have one person I call and can count on to help me. I appreciate that kind of attention.” Trisha McCullen

“Karla is not as concerned with making a sale as she is with making people feel good about themselves and the decisions they make.” Gary Daniels

“Karla goes beyond the call of duty for us. She doesn’t sell you and walk away…” Gaye Adams


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